About: Started in 2000 with Music Genome Project to analyze music you like and keep suggesting accordingly. It is either free or $3.99 dollars a month for no ads, better quality and desktop program.



+ Very simple to start using and to continue using it, every day.

+ If you will listen to music almost every day, very suggestable you use it and even pay the susbscription which will make songs with better quality (if you have high definition speakers or headphones, highly recommended)

+User friendly: very simple to use and understand. Interchangeable skin will make you more confortable with visualization of the site.



– Only being able to use it inside the USA, or well, with a USA IP address on your network / computer.

– You cannot create a playlist with songs you like, rewind a song, etc., you just get what Pandora thinks you might like, as a Radio…

– If a concern, will use constantly your Internet connection to be downloading a lot of data.

– Free or paid, you get 6 skips PER HOUR, that is just too little.

– The IP checker in the Pandora Radio Desktop version will let the app unusable, you will need to close it and need to open it again.


Conclusion: Fantastic online streaming music player, simple, great variety of music, and with good suggestions based on what you should like. If you live inside the USA you should try it.





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Last edition: March 20, 2014

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