Migrating from Android to Apple, Perspective From an IT Expert 2023

 So I had the Iphone 3G way back when Apple was new and tested it for a while, it didn’t impress me so I went to Android ever since. Since I am a Gmail / Google Workspace avid user, that was just the path of least resistance. Recently in late 2023 I tried to work with iOS from Apple with the Iphone 14 and several of its peripherals, still using the Google Workspace or Gmail platform. Let me tell you

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Los 5 mejores servicios de almacenamiento online

 La importancia de la nube está clara, pero muchas personas siguen confiando aún en los discos duros externos locales, que, aunque son una muy buena opción, hay que entender que lo más seguro (y cómodo) es pasarse al servicio de almacenamiento online. En esta ocasión compartiremos los mejores: Google Drive Google drive cuent con un protagonismo estelar, ofrece un almacenamiento gratuito generoso, permite añadir ficheros y almacenarlos, así también editarlos a través de Google Docs, sincroniza todos los contenidos que

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Google New Messenger App ALLO

  THE GOOD Google Allo is available on both Android and iOS, and features a digital Assistant that fetches information for you in a conversational way. Its Incognito Mode erases conversations and has end-to-end encryption. THE BAD Allo doesn’t integrate video calling, and it doesn’t have as many features as its competitors, like baked-in GIF support or control over read receipts. Does the world needs another instant messaging application, Google said yes! It seems that for Google creators were not enough

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Do you ever try the incognito mode on your browse?

  Modern browsers are chock full of powerful hidden features, but one of the most overlooked features is incognito or private mode. If you’ve heard of this feature, chances are you know it, rather infamously, as “porn mode.” What is Incognito mode? Incognito mode can help keep your browsing private from other users, all incognito mode will do is erase your browsing and search histories while in private mode, as well as dump any tracking cookies you pick-up during your

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Pixlr Online Photo Editor

  I’m an avid photoshop user. I’m a graphic designer so I’ve been using it for more than 5 years. But there was a time when my computer got an issue and I needed to do a quick edit, and not a single online editor had the features I needed. It may very well be that I’m so used to Photoshop’s interface that not one came to par, but when I found pixlr online photo editor I almost cried tears

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Whatsapp Web

 Have you tried using whatsapp’s web version? If you are a whatsapp user and you haven’t yet, I strongly suggest you to do it. It’s really simple to set up, you only need to scan the QR code that appears on the website using you phone, clicking on the “whatsapp web” option on the app menu. What it does is that it simply allows you to read and send whatsapp messages while on your pc or laptop. You can activate desktop

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Shopping on amazon.com

 The “why” amazon is reliable for shopping I’m going to tell you a department and then the story behind why amazon was great in it, but today I’m sharing my review on the book department.   Books Tons of books; there are 3 types of books you can purchase on amazon, new, used and kindle books or ebooks; a good thing: amazon rates its suppliers so that you now right away which supplier you can trust; every time I’ve bought

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Castelec SAI


 Castelec SAI Sistema Administrativo Integral es una empresa que nace en 1991. Castelec tiene el sistema SAI el cual es usado por empresas de servicios, manufactura y proyectos en todo México. Tiene implementaciones exitosas en todos los estados del país, sucursales en Monterrey, México DF y Guadalajara así como representantes en Puebla y Mérida, Yucatán, pudiendo así dar servicio del SAI Sistema Administrativo Integral a todo el país con soporte remoto y presencial. Castelec SAI se compromete a dar un

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Chrome OS, Chromebook, Chromebox

chromebook acer laptop

 Chrome OS by Google, Reviewed by expert Introduction I am going to try to put this review in simple, easy to read and understand words for non-technical users, also mentioning some technical stuff for technical users and anybody, you might look around. I have an IT background, and have been using a Chromebook AND Chromebox everyday since a year now.   What you must know Chrome OS that you find inside Chromebooks and Chromeboxes is in fact a very simple

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 Afriway was founded in 2015 with the vision to deliver premium products to the People of Angola. Africa has started to emerge by showing its endless capacities and we want to help Angola maximize its potential in the new digital era. Afriway is an Angolan online retailer with a strong international presence, determined to become the biggest provider of luxury electronics in the Angolan Market.

Asus RT-AC68U Wireless Router Expert Review

 Conclusion: If you are an intermediate to expert technology speaking user, you should own this now, great and many features, stable, real-time reporting. Fantastic Router for Small office and home! Pros + Great wireless stability and compatibility with all devices (tested with 15 devices at the same time, phones, pcs, chromebooks, macbook, tplink repeater) + Fantastic software reports on the backend, you know who is connected, with ip, device name, mac address, bandwidth they use and configure quality of service

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