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Have you tried using whatsapp’s web version? If you are a whatsapp user and you haven’t yet, I strongly suggest you to do it. It’s really simple to set up, you only need to scan the QR code that appears on the website using you phone, clicking on the “whatsapp web” option on the app menu.

What it does is that it simply allows you to read and send whatsapp messages while on your pc or laptop. You can activate desktop notifications so that you get notified of new messages you get, even if you are not on the whatsappp web tab or you have your browser minimized. This can be useful if you are working on something on your pc or laptop, simplifying the need of having to be checking constantly your phone, as everything appears on your desktop.

I find it pretty useful, and have recommended my friends to use it. Only downside is that your cellphone needs to have battery and internet connection for it to work. It would be even better if you could enter independently of your cellphone status. Maybe your phone battery died but you need to check on your whatsapps, or need to send one? That would be a cool lifesaver then.

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