About: eBay is an e-commerce multinational (present in about 30 countries) corporation. Since its foundation in 1995, eBay provides sales services through the internet, allowing people to either buy or sale goods and services using this website. Subscription is for free.     Pros: +User friendly. It isn’t difficult to navigate in. It’s practical and quick to use. +Products are good quality and there’s a huge variety of them. Prices are fair. +Safe to use. Your data is always protected.  +Delivering service and time

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Shopping on amazon.com

 The “why” amazon is reliable for shopping I’m going to tell you a department and then the story behind why amazon was great in it, but today I’m sharing my review on the book department.   Books Tons of books; there are 3 types of books you can purchase on amazon, new, used and kindle books or ebooks; a good thing: amazon rates its suppliers so that you now right away which supplier you can trust; every time I’ve bought

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