Waze Navigation App

    Waze is one of the most popular apps for not only helping you to get to your destination, but also bypass any potential hazards on the way is Waze. This app was first launched in 2009 and it’s been growing in popularity ever since. It turns driving into more than just a daily commute – it can actually make driving a fun social experience. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod

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Buying shoes online with gojane.com

 What is gojane? GoJane.com is an online fashion retailer of shoes, clothing, and accessories for that confident, unique, trend-setting girl who stays ahead of the fashion game with a style all her own. They have contact service in english and spanish, with very good assistance. I fell in love with gojanes selection of shoes when looking for that perfect pair of ankle boots, which I wear to this day and I bought them more than a year ago. What’s the

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Shopping on amazon.com part 2

 I’ve previously discussed about buying on amazon, and now I’m sharing more about what I’ve bought and again, the pros and security amazon provides in all of its departments. Beauty and health Sadly, I’ve only used 2 categories here, makeup and bath and body care. I bought general makeup and a soap with a good spf, more spf never hurts. Both arrived safely in good packaging, not very heavy packaging, which is good considering that I send it to a

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