Migrating from Android to Apple, Perspective From an IT Expert 2023


So I had the Iphone 3G way back when Apple was new and tested it for a while, it didn’t impress me so I went to Android ever since. Since I am a Gmail / Google Workspace avid user, that was just the path of least resistance. Recently in late 2023 I tried to work with iOS from Apple with the Iphone 14 and several of its peripherals, still using the Google Workspace or Gmail platform. Let me tell you all the details, hopefully to help you compare both platforms in case you want to migrate and hopefully so the phone makers also learn from this and improve their own parallel universes.

What I miss from Android

  • Google Messages for Web – In Android you are able to see your SMS on the Web just like WhatsApp Web. I used it a lot, now I can’t have it.
  • Notification area just better in every way, when you swipe from top down on your screen and want to see a notification from the Nest App for example, you swiped down, clicked, then swipe left, 3 interactions. That’s it. Now notifications in Iphone take 5 interactions, swipes, reswipes, why not simplify it like Android? I used to check all notifications in Android, all brands, now in Iphone I probably check like 20% of notifications, I loose a lot, and I have to depend on the little number of unread emails and texts that apps put on the top right to check stuff. Notifications is worst than 10 years ago on Iphone, don’t know what happened to the team that overlooked this aspect.
  • Editing on screen text is very easy, you can position the cursor wherever you want, delete, correct, edit, etc. and now in Iphone their “smart text selector” if you press somewhere on your paragraph, it will decide where to put the cursor, but somewhere else you clicked, and if you click again it won’t learn, it will put it back where it wants.
  • Battery, I have few apps, screen is off almost all the time, and battery in Iphone drains so quickly, what is the phone doing or why?
  • Samsung has a “lift your hand to take a selfie” feature, why doesn’t everyone have it? I really miss it, maybe a patent, but taking a selfie with any other phone, including other Android or Iphone is not as easy.
  • Perfect sync with apps and widgets, everything worked on real time when getting info from the cloud, on Iphone widgets and apps have old information, you have to open the app to see it sync and kind of wait for the app to finish syncing from old to new information.
  • I have all my photo albums and videos on Google Photos, just like 40 years of material, so I want to keep using it, on Android, you take a photo and if you are in Wifi it begins to upload to the cloud immediately. Kind of the similar design flaw from the last element, Google Photos won’t sync your photos on Iphone IOS unless you open the app manually, having to do a manual upload of my photos to the cloud is very uncomfortable.
  • When the milliseconds count to you (like to me) no phone of no other brand can beat the lightweight, quick pure Android experience that Pixel Phones from Google have. All the other Android brands and Iphone with their heavy bloatware and extra layers just ruin the fastness of a clean OS.
  • Navigation with back and home buttons is fantastic, just easier on Android. Now on Iphone I cannot have this, navigation is just gestures and they don’t fit my personality, the back button is tiny, I have to tap several times not to miss it. When keyboard or popups are displayed, there is no way of just closing like with the back button like on Android.
The Google Pixel 5 was the best overall phone with hardware fingerprint reader, clean quick OS and a small size to carry in a pocket.

What I like in Apple Iphone Universe

  • “Apple Airtags” connect to any iphone or ipad on range and sends its GPS position, so it is the most fantastic tracker, I tried the best from Android and they don’t work because it works via app of the manufacturer of the tracker, so there are not enough users around ever. If just Android would do the same thing, or join forces with each other it would be a much better tracker.
  • The “Airpods Pro 2nd gen.” are the best earbuds I’ve ever used, and I’ve had the best from Bose, Samsung, Google, Sony. The Airpods connect to a widget in the Iphone to tell you how much battery the case has, and the earbuds have, and also to track the case just like an “Airtag”. Sound quality is “Bose like”, very balanced and high quality. Out of the box the settings are great, lets you hear the surroundings, and when hearing music it takes volume down when detects you are speaking, then puts it back up after 5 seconds you stop talking. You can reply to messages and receive notifications from messages received, I’ve seen this work perfectly on Google Buds but on these is as fantastic as Google.
  • Be able to send a message thru a satellite in case of an emergency where you have no cellular signal, is a good plus, that I haven’t used yet, hopefully never use.
  • Keyboard tapping experience, it’s just superior, the sounds it makes, the separation of the keys, the effect on clicking, makes it easier and I almost not make mistakes tapping on the keyboard, on Android, no matter the brand I was using GBoard, I made lots and lots of mistakes.
  • Dictation or voice to text experience is awesome, much better than Gboard (Google’s keyboard and dictation). It punctuates and interprets everything you say much much better, this is something I love.
  • When connecting your phone to the car, Apple CarPlay is a bit better than Android Auto, it’s just easier and more intuitive to navigate, better response times, better experience at the end of the day, but you can do the same things with both.
The use of the Iphone vs Android explained
Airtags are a great unbeatable tracker from Apple due that integrates directly to the OS and not to an app from a manufacturer like happens on Android

What can be improved in all universes

  • Hardware finger print reader: nothing beats this technology to unblock your phone in less time, why did everyone take it out, for worst technology. Face ID is mediocre. On screen fingerprint reader is mediocre. Until a better technology beats the original hardware finger print reader that many hardware manufacturers that use Android and Iphone discontinued, why not use it also?


  • There is no magic brand, some have great things that the other won’t have, why not get the best from the competition to improve their own? Due to this duality, I cannot marry a brand, I’ll keep testing and trying until some brand learns to get the best on a single platform, just to be able to have the best on a single device. May be a hero arises to save us users?
  • There is some good in the closeness of the Apple universe: great integration with the peripherals, the airtags, airpods and ipad are unbeatable by Android competition. Android should learn from these integrations and make them directly to their OS, like Apple, instead of directly to the manufacturer’s app that limits its reach and functionality.
  • Now new Apple products come in USB C, that is great news for charging and CarPlay when in a household you share cars / chargers.

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