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The “why” amazon is reliable for shopping

I’m going to tell you a department and then the story behind why amazon was great in it, but today I’m sharing my review on the book department.




Tons of books; there are 3 types of books you can purchase on amazon, new, used and kindle books or ebooks; a good thing: amazon rates its suppliers so that you now right away which supplier you can trust; every time I’ve bought or sent a used book, it’s always in perfect conditions, and Ive done it quite a lot, it’s much cheaper too; you can get books for cents and then depending on where you are sending it to, it’s a few dollars more.


some pros when buying books with amazon:

  • suppliers rated fairly and honestly by amazon and its buyers
  • almost every time you file a complaint that is not a scam, they give you your money back easily


For kindle books there are 3 major plus, it’s eco friendly, you can have it on several devices, and best of all, once you bought it, it lets you send a copy of the book to a friend that last up to 14 days, so that you can still lend a book without having to part from it; a friend of mine always says: a dumb person is the one who lends a book expecting it back, but dumber is the person who gives back a good book, so now, I do not have to dumbly part from my good books and still share with friends a good read.


some pros when buying ebooks with amazon:

  • no extra weight while traveling or on your daily bag
  • sharing with others a book you liked even at long distance


On the book category, let’s go to magazines; I bought a people magazine subscription for someone and as a gift for buying it, amazon sent me a vogue subscription, here’s the very good part, the people magazine subscription was a gift, and I ended up getting a gift myself; amazon asks you before for the addresses, like billing address and then the gift address, so obviously I got my gift in the billing address, isn’t that awesome? I paid around 20 bucks and I got 2 very good subscriptions, this isn’t a regular deal but if you’re not in any hurry to buy, I suggest you wait for offers such as this one.


some pros when buying magazines with amazon:

  • at least one offer will show whenever you are buying
  • if you tell amazon it’s a gift, they will remove price tags and a card with a personal message of your choosing


To shorten it up, I buy or send as gifts used books from amazon and they are in perfect conditions, also, I’m not killing any more trees for a new copy. Every time I get a kindle book amazon saves it for me on my account and it lets me lend it to a friend, also eco friendly. And finally, you can get even 12 months of subscription magazines for free, like buy one get one for free, if you wait for the right offer.


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