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 So an online store is supposed to seek sales right? With pier1.com online store, this is not the case. I’ve spent more than 3 hours in the past 24 hours to try to make an online order, just to find restrictions and discrimination from Pier1. This is how they work. 1. You navigate thru pier1.com and add things to your basket 2. You register or signup if you are new customer 3. You checkout, it gets clear pretty fast that

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    About: YouTube is a global internet service created in February 2005 for sharing videos. Now, YouTube works as Google’s subsidiary. YouTube’s videos are usually video clips, TV clips, music videos, movie trailers, etc. It gives users the option to view, rate, share, and comment on existent videos or upload one themselves. Subscription is for free.   Pros: +It allows you to watch videos from anywhere around the globe, as long as they were uploaded to this website. +As several people use this site, it has a

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