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So an online store is supposed to seek sales right? With pier1.com online store, this is not the case. I’ve spent more than 3 hours in the past 24 hours to try to make an online order, just to find restrictions and discrimination from Pier1.

This is how they work.
1. You navigate thru pier1.com and add things to your basket
2. You register or signup if you are new customer
3. You checkout, it gets clear pretty fast that it is a store for USA customers only and they don’t like you shipping into PO Boxes.
4. So I put the USA shipping address (NOT a pobox) and billing address from a USA card.
5. Your card is charged for the full amount of the order, and the order seems to be checked manually by a “discrimination agent”.
6. Your order gets cancelled because “they didn’t match the name of the person with the shipping address”, so if your house isn’t on your name or you don’t live in a nice neighborhood, forget it, this agent will cancel your order.
7. Your money is hold by Pier1 Imports, while your order is cancelled. Why not!
8. Tried to purchase gift cards too at pier1.com, same case, they got $200USD on their bank account, my gift cards were not sent, because “something didn’t match” on my information. But they are happy to have your money on their bank account, no problem there!

Beware of Pier1.com and it’s discrimination policy.

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  • Each time I called the Pier1.com staff, a different excuse about my order. 1. Your credit card billing address was incorrect (but payment went thru, and it WAS correct) when that was refuted then 2. Your NAME doesn’t match your SHIPPING ADDRESS (what? how is this even verified)? and then 3. Your shipping address and your billing address are different!! (whaaat??? they allow this in their site). These guys at pier1.com are full of excuses, they discriminate subjectively.

  • Pier1.com Dont Shop

    So much hate from pier1, if only their CFO knew how much sales are lost because of this order discrimination.. I understand why in Consummer Affairs they have 1.3 stars out of 5


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