Wishtrend.com Review

 Wishtrend.com is an online store that offers korean beauty products worlwide. Korea is known for having an extreme culture regarding image and beauty, even being one of the top countries providing cosmetic surgery. Their skin care routines and regimens are no joke, and they have a great number of companies that specialize in beauty products, with pretty good quality. They offer skin care products, make up, and products for hair and body. PROS +Easy interface +Customers tend to review the products

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Uber Pool

 Wanted to share my experience with UberPool so you decide if using it or not As passenger Use it if you don’t have a strict ETA to somewhere, because on your route you might get detoured to pick and drop other passengers. Use it if you use Uber a lot and you want to save some money. Use it if your trips are short and in places Uber is not used a lot, most of the time you won’t pool

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MG Climas y Refacciones Monterrey

 MG Climas y Refacciones en Monterrey a cargo de Juan Carlos Martinez Guajardo, están en Colinas de San Jerónimo. Instalan y venden minisplits, reparan y dan mantenimiento. Ya he usado varias veces sus servicios, y todas las veces o dejaron algo incompleto y no regresaron, o prometieron algo que no cumplieron, o cobraron de más y luego al descubrirlos y ver que no lo hicieron solo se rieron y ni regresaron el dinero ni compusieron lo que hicieron. Mucho cuidado,

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Manic Panic Hair Color

   Manic Panic Hair Colors are one of the most widely known options when wanting to give our hair a colorful touch. With a great variety of colors to choose from and their vegan nature, they are considered the to-go-to when wanting to amp our hair without inflicting more damage to it. Check out some of their pros and cons below: Pros +Made from vegan ingredients +Has the added benefit of conditioning the hair +PPD free, Ammonia-free, and Peroxide-free +Get

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Lenovo Thinkpad 13 Chromebook with Touchscreen Review

 I used to think the Thinkpad line of what used to be IBM would still be great today, I thought wrong, Lenovo made it cheap, I regret this $850 dollar purchase of a Chromebook with a 13 inch Touchscreen that wiggles each time you touch it and that the outer plastic feels so cheap and easily scratches. This is the last time I buy from Lenovo.


 Perfecto servicio de persianas, me visitaron con muestrario en mano varias veces antes de tomar la decisión. Rápidos y atentos, vino alguien de HD Monterrey a supervisar la instalación y que todo quedara perfecto así que yo no tuve que hacer nada más que disfrutar. El mejor servicio y con la gran calidad de las persianas Hunter Douglas. Altamente recomendables como proveedores serios, con experiencia y con un servicio que supera las expectativas. Felicidades!

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