Report Scam Site

 If you have a recognized scam or fraud site, website or ecommerce shop website, please report it to your local authorities. 1. Gather all the information you have about the site AND your purchase that was scammed or fraud (dates, amounts, reciepts, printscreen data, etc) 2. In your national government websites you should find a bureau or department that specifically treats online crime (almost every country has a special online fraud department). 3. You will have to call, fill out

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Prevent Online Store Fraud

 Here some useful, simple tips to prevent being scammed on online stores. This are not individual tips, they are a step-by-step guide, if you make all the following steps, you won’t be scammed by criminals on the web using online stores: 1. Before you pay, check conditions where you can rollback your payment on your own, without the suppliers alternatives. Usually cash is a bad idea, you won’t see it again. For example, credit cards, paypal, third party payment services, depending

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