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Manic Panic Hair Colors are one of the most widely known options when wanting to give our hair a colorful touch. With a great variety of colors to choose from and their vegan nature, they are considered the to-go-to when wanting to amp our hair without inflicting more damage to it. Check out some of their pros and cons below:


+Made from vegan ingredients

+Has the added benefit of conditioning the hair

+PPD free, Ammonia-free, and Peroxide-free

+Get creative! You can mix the colors to get your desired tone

+Easy to use and apply

+Can be dilluted


-Fades quickly

-To get the color announced you need to pre lighten hair until a platinum blonde

-When you apply over another base color that’s not light enough, I sincerely wish you the best outcome, cause weird results can follow

-Dark colors tend to stain hair


All in all, it’s a pretty good product that does what it promises. You just need to follow the instructions and take care of the color, otherwise you’ll have a bad experience. Have you tried this product before? Tell us all about what you think in the comments below!

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