Migrating from Android to Apple, Perspective From an IT Expert 2023

 So I had the Iphone 3G way back when Apple was new and tested it for a while, it didn’t impress me so I went to Android ever since. Since I am a Gmail / Google Workspace avid user, that was just the path of least resistance. Recently in late 2023 I tried to work with iOS from Apple with the Iphone 14 and several of its peripherals, still using the Google Workspace or Gmail platform. Let me tell you

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Asus RT-AC68U Wireless Router Expert Review

 Conclusion: If you are an intermediate to expert technology speaking user, you should own this now, great and many features, stable, real-time reporting. Fantastic Router for Small office and home! Pros + Great wireless stability and compatibility with all devices (tested with 15 devices at the same time, phones, pcs, chromebooks, macbook, tplink repeater) + Fantastic software reports on the backend, you know who is connected, with ip, device name, mac address, bandwidth they use and configure quality of service

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