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I’ve previously discussed about buying on amazon, and now I’m sharing more about what I’ve bought and again, the pros and security amazon provides in all of its departments.


Beauty and health

Sadly, I’ve only used 2 categories here, makeup and bath and body care. I bought general makeup and a soap with a good spf, more spf never hurts. Both arrived safely in good packaging, not very heavy packaging, which is good considering that I send it to a pobox and they charge you a small amount for the weight of the package. Another plus about amazon is its alliance with the official brands such as l’oreal, an all time favorite of mine, so you are buying from the official brand with some extra savings sometimes amazon throws in, really I’ve bought cheaper on amazon’s website than on the makeups website.

Not being in a hurry to buy, may get you a long way.


some pros when buying beauty products with amazon:

  • Some other users may even post pictures of the makeup on their skin so that you can see color shades more accurate before buying
  • Extra savings may also come your way when subscribing to the brand you want in the amazon website



Here I bought the Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player, and I have to say, not a disappointment; first of all, amazon announces a very new product on its homepage, normally at a lower cost when it’s a new product for the market, if you do some research on this product, whatever it may be, you will always find it to be a very good reliable product; later on, a few months maybe, they increase the price as it gets more famous, when they have several buyers to review the products.

Amazon it’s based on stars and reviews, so always be a good samaritan and review something you bought, as short as you want, but the review is everything.

Going back to the chromecast, not only was it very friendly user, it’s a very good product, and at the time, cheaper than it is now. I use it everyday. Amazon gives me the security to see something on its home page and know that if I like it, I will be purchasing something at a good price with good quality.


some pros when buying electronic products with amazon:

  • Take advantage of the new products on amazon’s homepage as the price will increase quickly
  • Reviews are almost all from other real users, to take them under advisement is a good move


I found this information through several readings and experience of my own, I love buying online and this tips have worked for me since the first time I bought with amazon till this day,

happy hunting


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