The cube personality test


This is an easy to find, personality test. Short and fun, a one on one situation for everyone, from your mother to your partner, to know things you normally wouldn’t know even when this person is close to you. Giving you a closer look to a personality rather than preferences like foods or places.


All you do, is grab the test, ask the other person to close their eyes, and read them the questions while they answer and imagine what they are describing, there is no right or wrong answer.


The good thing of this test, is how addictive it is, and easy to memorize. So once someone has asked you all these questions, you can’t wait to ask them to someone else. It’s good in ways like first, it seems so simple, that one may not realize how much information is giving, so maybe, getting to know someone who’s nervous, without them knowing; this is, until the end of the test.

Have fun!

To take the personality test go to:

The cube personality test

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