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What is gojane?

GoJane.com is an online fashion retailer of shoes, clothing, and accessories for that confident, unique, trend-setting girl who stays ahead of the fashion game with a style all her own.

They have contact service in english and spanish, with very good assistance.

I fell in love with gojanes selection of shoes when looking for that perfect pair of ankle boots, which I wear to this day and I bought them more than a year ago.

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What’s the best thing to buy there?

Their shoe selection goes from the edgy fashionista to the typical girly girl. With filters for shoe category, heel height,  shoe size, color, price and trending shoes.

There’s a confirmation email after your order is submitted, and before you get the shipping confirmation when your package will be sent out, you can change something in your order like a mistaken shoe size free of charge.

If you are a registered member, you can also select “My Account” and check your order status under the “Order History” tab.

Take advantage of registering

Before your first order, make sure you register in case of a coupon, they normally have discounts all year round, and offer free shipping on orders over $29.

The first time I ordered shoes from this website, I bought a pair of boots and a pair of flats. They arrived in perfect conditions, looking exactly like the picture and both of them with at least a discount of 5 dollars each. I wanted to order from this website most of all for the boots I hadn’t found anywhere else and the flats where just a little spoil to get free shipping.

Like I said, the boots have lasted long, without damage and frequent use; on the other hand, the flats did not had much luck, but they were pretty much lace flats so a summer lifetime is expected.

Can we recommend it?

Gojanes website has a very good image and design, user friendly, good assistance if you need help with your order, and good selection and prices. I recommend buying here for the quality of the materials; if they put that much effort in shoes, one can wonder about buying clothes from them too.  

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