Asus RT-AC68U Wireless Router Expert Review


Conclusion: If you are an intermediate to expert technology speaking user, you should own this now, great and many features, stable, real-time reporting. Fantastic Router for Small office and home!

+ Great wireless stability and compatibility with all devices (tested with 15 devices at the same time, phones, pcs, chromebooks, macbook, tplink repeater)
+ Fantastic software reports on the backend, you know who is connected, with ip, device name, mac address, bandwidth they use and configure quality of service per device (how much bandwidth you give to each device or application)
+ Fantastic software settings options, USB ftp, printers, firewall, security, ports, vpn, indpendent 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wireless routers, tons of options.
+ Double Wan works amazing! The most recent firmware update lets you set USB port or any other LAN port of the router as a second Wan, with great load balance (depending on your own WANs capabilities you set it), my double WANs where set 1 to 1 load balance (because my two ISP give me similar bandwidths). As an extra note, about 5 years ago I try to set a Pepwave router with 2 WANs and it was a mess, never worked. On this Asus router I got it working on 5 minutes.
+ Automatic firmware updates if connected to the internet, via de Router software! This is great, no more searching for firmware updates online and praying for it be the one.
+ At last you won’t have to restart your router everyday (a common problem with cheap $20 dollar routers)
+ If you are interested, great aesthetics, looks great, feels great, good heavy weighted, not noisy, not to many too bright light (button on the back to turn off front light led)
+ We got an increase of 30% in signal, it was good but it wasn’t like 400% like some might imagine. (vs cheap tplink 20 dollars router)

– Initial instructions could be easier like a dumb step by step in order for you to get into the routers admin for the first time (you need to plug yourself via ethernet directly thru your computer for the first time, go into ip using web browser and type user admin and password admin, this is the only thing I needed to know, but it is kind of fuzzy along the provided instructions)

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  • Really in the need of a stable router for all devices at home, liked your review, I’ll be testing this one as soon as I can get the cash for that… thanks.


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