Infrared Heater Review


I’ve been using natural gas infrared heater, greatest gas efficiency heater available for the price.

+ Highly efficient, it heats up a ceramic rock panel so it gets hotter than a blue flame heater that only lights up fire and will only heat up the air.
+ You can feel the heat in its surroundings, so will heat up objects + air faster, in overall heating up an area faster than only blue flame or only fire heating.

+ The ceramic rock panel will wear, or all the heater, one will last about 10 to 15 years, which is good, depending on your use, had to change one because it only fired in one of three stages because it turned off, this because gas was dripping out of the ceramic panel too quickly, probably weared.
+ Will not eliminate moisture, but will keep it inside your house, if you compare it with an electrical air conditioning system that will throw dry air and keep moisture balanced, to dry inside, this heater will hold moisture, so it is good if you balance it with AC system.


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