In Aliexpress, from Alibaba company, you can find cheapest gadgets, technology, clothes, home appliances, toys, and much more, shipped for free from Asia (China mostly) to your home in aprox. 30 days. Save a lot in a lot of products you find more expensive in Amazon, give it a try. AliExpress staff can get annoying when verifying your account, and for security reasons might close some of your recently purchased orders, you will have to send documentation to verify it is you who is paying. Worth to use, it really works!

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  • GOOGLE IS NOW ABSOLUTELY CRAP. Am trying to find the soolituns to some things. Also trying to review other stuff. It’s just a total waste of time. The first pages come up with a few possibly relevant pages, but not high quality answers. From about the fourth page onwards well forget it, its usually all totally unrelated stuff. AND VERY DATED PAGES like from 5 and more years ago in the top answers!! they are not current nor relevant!! At the moment trying to find an answer to a flash player problem ancient answers mostly, nothing useful. Been researching web host reviews and related stuff, very difficult now, seriously doesn’t give the information I’m looking for, and also they tends to throw up specific companies, either their own reviews or just sales patter. This is just a couple of examples.The panda and penguin updates were supposed to make things better for searching google. But it’s a total joke. They’ve got too much of a hold on everything. Some of their power needs to come down a few notches. that maybe would be a good thing.Hours wasted on useless searches!!!


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