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Company has improved, in great measure because government imposed obligations, restrictions and sanctions in order to protect the customer in Mexico, so now you can get an affordable plan with Telcel from $199 pesos a month including more than a normal person would use in data and phone calls, and if you travel to the USA you can activate with only $149 pesos a 200MB data plan, pretty affordable to how it was. Also, you can cancel your Telcel plan line with just one call, without even visiting them. They are still many things but you can go away with the best coverage in México with a better, cheaper service.


The pefect example of the enterprise that its there just for the money and serve themselves from the consumer. They will hide a lot of small print in their contract that you will be discovering throughout the use of the service if you are meticulous. Here are some things I’ve learned about them over the years: 1. You (the customer) will never win an argument, they will apply their hard for the consumer politics made to collect money at all cost, and will never win, they win, you will feel as or worst than paying taxes. 2. Phone service is made by a third party call center company, so they won’t be able to help you in 99% of your problems (because they are not an empowered third party, they are more like bouncers) 3. You will need to go in 99% cases to their facilities to solve the problem and remember reason #1 (you will not be treated as a customer they want to keep). 4. They will do whatever so you are tied up to a contract of 12 months, 18 monts, 24 months, forced to be with them, with strong penalizations if you want to leave. 5. When you are decided to leave them they will make you wish you never thought of that, having to do a 10 step cancellation process, and not being able to cancel right away, they will make you return in exactly 30 days, if you forget or don’t do it, your contract will still be active! 6. If you think you are going to spend what they tell you, think again, you will spend aprox. 20% more from hidden fees, errors, and things you will be discovering when you use it. There is an annual bond fee that is in small print, they don’t tell you about it but you sign it in the contract, period, theres no way out of it, of aprox. $20 dollars a year per line. Beware of the extra services they add too, that you don’t want and need, and cost extra and they are added without your consentment. Remember it’s all about the money for them, if they can take away from you an extra dollar, they will. Beware of TELCEL MEXICO !!

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  • Just discovered that since april 2014, Telcel can no loger treat their customers as bad as they wish to, becaus the government made laws for Mobile Phone carriers and companies to be able to cancel in one visit and in one call, if you want to cancel your Telcel contract you should do it just calling *111 or visiting the store one time, I just did with one visit. The recommend checking back your balance, so you don’t stay with a negative balance, then they would inscribe you in “buro de crédito” and make you a negative file for future credits you might want to aquire.


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