Weallsave .com.au is one of the leading online stores for branded fashion and lifestyle products as well as accessories. The company provides discount offer up to 90% to its customers. Their website features high quality and affordable products that are delivered on time. Their company is a privately owned shopping club with over 420,000 members and growing fast.

** MODERATOR COMMENT ** This post was posted probably by WeAllSave.com.au personnel for advertisement, backfired them with so many complaints. We have detected this same people trying to post good comments under different names, and giving good rating on their behalf. We suggest NOT to shop from this company and if you are on time request your bank or Paypal for a refund as soon as possible, go to your local authorities. Read this online shopping guidelines.

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  • Rip offs don’t buy off them

    • Hi Julie
      Were the products you ordered fake?


    • Yes it is!!!! Don’t buy the sunglasses they are cheap and nasty
      knock offs that could be bought for a 1/3 of the price online if you want fakes

      • I think I have also been ripped off!! Purchased some perfume 5 weeks ago and still nothing, not even an order confirmation or tracking number. I have sent an email, but no reply. Not sure what to do next??

        • exactly wat has happened to me purchased a perfume 5 weeks ago have sent 4 emails asking for order confirmation nothing replied at all.so now im going to file a paypal dispute to get my funds back.

        • Same thing has happened to me. Was is mademoiselle

        • I have the same problem, what did you do?

        • If you paid by Paypal be quick to make a dispute claim – they only allow 45 days and if after that time they close the dispute – so no luck there either. I lost my money, did not receive any items and Paypal no help because I was after the 45 days. Great idea to contact A Current Affair and let everyone know about this scam company!!

    • Have just had a good thought! What about contacting A Current Affair?

    • I also was ripped of by this company. Products are not what they advertise and in still waiting on goods from 3 months ago.


    • ATTENTION ALL —- WE ALL SAVE is SCAM .I successfully got refund through PAYPAL a week back and the reason was that I put a dispute under the current 45 days requirement of Paypal.


      put your claims in and spread this message as much as possible through every means and engage who ever you can to expose this scam

    • Not only ripped off but perfume did not even arrive- paid for via Paypal on 12 July this year , followed up with requests when didn’t arrive, followed up three times, kept being told back log etc, following up etc until the 45 days expiry date for complaint to Paypal finished and then of course no response from them whatsoever – fraudulent practices this lot .

  • Items don’t show. Give you fake tracking IDs. Block 100s of FB comments. Coincidentally only people receiving goods are newly registered to FB.

  • very bad customer service cannot get in contact with them ……..have been charged 2 trying to get my refund on one take my comments off there face book …… it better be authentic as i will be going to the factory to complaine …shocking ……

    • I wish i was with you i’d have something to say also,there excuses for delivery seem calculated and deliberate i want my money back but live in brisbane.i know if they saw me they wouldn’t hesitate to give my money back.

    • Yes it is!!!! Don’t buy the sunglasses they are cheap and nasty
      knock offs that could be bought for a 1/3 of the price online if you want fakes

  • False promises. Items dont turn out. Nine weeks and still haven’t received the products. Don’t use the site

  • I got my stuff, took a long time but happy with my items.

  • I didn’t go ahead with it.
    Couldn’t believe what they intended to charge me for the freight
    It was well over twice the cost of the items!

  • I haven’t received my order yet it’s been 5 weeks. When I questioned there products being genuine, and refered to reading lots of customers reporting fake products turning up on their front door, they promptly removed my post.

  • I sent 3 emails and 3 replies of excuses,I purchased the CK boxer shorts and have waited since 53 days in counting.The email replies have spelling and grammatical errors so i’m instantly discouraged,hints that this company may be fraudulent in its nature,I hope i’m wrong.

  • Has anyone ordered perfume ? I’ve been waiting 8 weeks and no replied and my comments are being removed from Facebook. Or has anyone had their money successfully refunded?

    • Not only few peoples are frustrated as the ordered product did not arrived. Believe me it won’t be coming. Try contact paypal if you pay through them and may be you are able to recover your money. Good luck all

      • Have tried getting a refund from Paypal, surprisingly they declined!!

        • could be because these people will string you out past 55 days and I believe Paypal have a 50 days limit, ( stand to be corrected)

        • I was also turned down by Pay Pal as it was after 45 days but I went to the Financial Omdudmans website and found a link to Pay Pal. I had my money back within 24 hours for 2 perfumes that failed to arrive. Try it.

    • I ordered perfume mid June still haven’t got it. Sent 3 emails NO REPLY Have i lost my money? Ive just found a phone no:( 03) 90135897 will try tomorrow BUT not holding my breath.

      • I ordered perfume beginning of July and still don’t have it. I have sent so many emails and just get sent back lies and complete crap from them. I have contacted my bank and they have put in a claim to get money refunded. Have also reported them to ACC and consumer affairs. Biggest lying scanner rip off con artists of all time. They should not get away with it.

        • I ordered mine on July 8th. They keep asking me to be patient. I paid using Paypal however when I approached them for refund/follow up, they said its too late.

          • that is correct because the paypal policy is within 45 days and weallsave policy is to be patien but the question is here how come the paypal get along with weallsave policy I mean should be agreed with there policy to dispute after sex weeks and then when lodge it then paypal reject it.

        • I am also waiting for my perfumes ..which l paid for in august 2014 and still nothing

        • I am also waiting for my perfumes ..which l paid for in august 2014 and still nothing

      • I have sent 3 msg re my 6 week order. They replied straight away and have given me a tracking no. I asked if the goods were shipped from O/S and they reply was world wide. I was happy with the replays to my msg was almost 2 minutes from me sending. Still waiting on order, will see.

      • Hi julie
        Have you contact them yet?

    • I’ve tried contacting the company and no will reply won’t ever buy again ,not happy Jan

    • I’ve been waiting over 2 months excuses,given delivery date ……no show. Over it. We all need to report them to the dept fair trading,I surely will be . $140 of my hard earned savings taken.

    • I have been waiting for perfume since 9th july ,over 12 bloody weeks blocked on fb not answering emals I am j ust going to ring them

    • I’m waiting as well with no replies to my emails

    • over 3 months waiting for perfume

    • I ordered perfume 8 weeks ago and no news, do not even bother to reply to my emails. OK I have resigned myself to the fact that I have been ripped off, but we have a moral duty to stop others being ripped off. I will be making alot of noise to shut these people down.

      • I just received perfume after about 4 months, horrible fakes, different colour perfume and smell different to originals. They are selling them as real! Ripoff!

  • Ordered a Polo bag and Perfume – 2 orders. Sent emails regarding authenticity as saw same bag on ebay from China but only received answers directing me to bogus sites. Got a refund through paypal for bag- but no answer on the perfume yet. Still waiting.

  • Prices definitely seem too good to be true.
    Also appears that they remove all “bad” comments from their facebook page so that it appears as though everyone is happy.
    Another thing is that you can buy 100K facebook “likes”, so this is what they probably did to make it look legit.
    They should definitely be reported. But to who? Hmmm…

  • I thought it was a scam but they arrived yesterday took 5 weeks!

    Honestly the shorts and perfume I got are very good

  • Do not buy from this site. 8wks+ no goods. Customer Support is just automated emails. I keep asking for a refund and was advised I need to return goods I have never received to get a refund. Supplied fake tracking numbers too. Fake, rip off, crooks. They have blocked me commenting on FB but their crappy promotions keep appearing in my feed.

    • my experience has been the same – 3 months and nothing dodgy tracking numbers and then they blocked me in facebook so I cant comment warn all your friends!

  • I purchased from weallsave.com and was concerned my delivery was taking a long long time, I contacted the store three times, twice via there contact us once via email and I phoned – no repose… and no one picks up the phone. I used paypall so I belied I was safe however I started reading about weallsave.com and could not find any positive feedback. I opened a paypad dispute…. to which they replide stating my items would be delivered withing 4 to 6 weeks….. be Warned you cannot get your money back on paypall after 4 weeks…. I lodged a claim via paypal just before the four weeks where finished, they refunded the money and canceled the order at four weeks. Surprise Surprise nothing has shown up since so I was sensible to do so. Remember if the deal is to good to be true it probably is To Good to be True!

  • I am shocked that this site has not been reported and shut down. The products are fake. Your negative posts on their page are taken down within minutes. They are making a mockery and a whole heap of cash out of Australian consumers.

  • Thought.. Give the online store a chance.. Pfft! How wrong.. Item’s are not delivered at the same time. No option to track your order, service appalling.. Generalised feedback.. Negative responses removed.. And to top it off.. It’s all fake!

  • Very poor customer service after keeping my money for a month they refund me money with out any explanation NOT GOOD ENOUGH WE ALL SAVE TEAM. After chasing them via email and Facebook finally got a answer ,they blame the supplier as the supplier fail to fulfill the expectations IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that customers get what they paid for .You people got a policy for refund and returns what about people like me paid and didn’t get what they paid for very lousy service

  • I have had the same problem with this company as every other person complaining here. This online store would have to be the WORST site I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. Their customer service is absolutely disgusting. I waited 2 months to receive only part of my order and I am still waiting for the rest of the products I ordered. When I posted on their facebook page that I hadn’t received my order after 7 and half weeks they deleted my post and blocked me from posting and commenting on their page. DON’T BUY FROM THIS DODGY COMPANY. SHUT THEM DOWN!

  • WARNING WARNING WARNING these people are major rip off scammers – DO NOT GET SUCKED IN

  • Thanks All for your comments. You saved me from getting into a scam 🙂

  • I always get my stuff, they take time I know but I don’t care. I buy all my perfums there

  • Also, I was told that apparently when the guy at the factory was asked by customers for a refund, he told the customers that ‘they just ran the website for someone else but didn’t own the business’. This scam company has only been registered with ABN since December last year. Sounds like a lot of bad feedback for such a short period of time operating!

  • I don’t know why my last comment didn’t post. I ordered 4 purfumes from weallsave. 5 weeks later and nothing has showed up.
    Living In Victoria and not far from their factory at:
    Factroy 8, 26-28 Christensen St, Cheltenham.Today I went to their factory with printed evidence of my purchase and evidence of my transfer of money to their account. Their factory was unattended, obviously hard at work (not) on midday on Friday. Talked to guys at one of the other factories on the same site and immediately they knew why I was there. They say unhappy customers contact them trying to find out more about this scam. I was told that not a day goes by when they don’t hear or see someone with a complaint. Definite scam!! Was told the guy who attends the factory (possibly their leader) was a real arrogant prick. Going back Monday to hunt them down!

  • If you have had bad dealings with this scam site, click on the link above to the ACCC- The government organisation who should deal with this. I have already filed a complaint. The more complaints, the more likely they will be shut down.

  • I ordered some bags and perfumes, bags came but no perfume , I went to warehouse and saw a guy who said they just did the IT , he took my details and said he would pass onto finance , 4 days later I was refunded and about a week later perfume cane but 1 was broken

  • dani, I have found out what you said up there is actually true, i was there a couple weeks ago which is what i mentioned in above post. i since emailed customer support because i got a refund and also received the products despite 1 bottle broken. i guess they did the right thing by me in refunding . i am too honest and asked if i should return the stock, then a couple days later a guy called jarrod emailed me and said for me to keep the bottle and toss the broken one, i thought fair enough. i asked him what the deal is and why such delays etc and i also asked why the guys there couldnt refund me , he got back to me a day or 2 later and said what you were told in that they are commisioned to run the webiste and that they have another business there with quilts and maybe mattresses, i was irate at 1st but it all ended up ok. dodgy i dont think so, unorganised probably yes

  • Keep getting the same generic email reply to my question….”where are my products?”

  • Ordered CK men’s underwear on 25 June and stull waiting. When I sent first message to enquire about delivery received a generic response that delivery took 6 weeks despite it being longer than 6 weeks already. When I next posted negative comments was blocked from any further contact. Paypal will not refund cos longer than 45 days. Don’t know what else to do.

  • I paid $39 for sunglasses, and the ones I received are not worth 39c.
    Fake glasses that look nothing like the picture.
    Don’t waste your money on this site. Terrible.
    I have asked for a refund, and if nothing is done I will contact consumer affairs.

  • I too am still waiting (8.5 weeks) and just got this response:
    “Thank you for your contact.
    Very sorry about that! There was a small delay at our distribution centre…
    Not to worry, the problem has since been resolved and your order is currently in the final stages of processing.
    The set back has withheld delivery for an extra 11-13 days
    I apologise for the inconvenience and for the delay,
    Team Weallsave really appreciates your patience”
    YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!

  • Everything is fake on this website, even the perfumes and expensive by chinese fake standards

    These guys use drop shipping they contact a chinese wholesaler that send it straight to your door step, selling originals as fakes is fraud.

    if you want to by fakes go on aliexpress and you get buyer protection but also feedback from other buyers around the world.

    Feel sorry for you guys, hope you get your money back.

  • These are the responses to asking where my order is:-
    Will never buy from this company again!!
    Your request (27415) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.
    To add additional comments, reply to this email.
    Customer Support (We All Save Shopping Club Support)
    Sep 08 20:12
    ***Please reply only if absolutely necessary***
    Reasons being your issue may be picked up by another
    sales rep who is not fully aware of your situation, and it may take longer than
    necessary to find a solution to your problem.
    Kind Regards
    Team WeAllSave

  • Anyone who is happy with their perfume purchases obviously know nothing about fragrances. They are all counterfeit fragrances from China. Chanel No.5 for $49 Pleasssseeeee!
    Paco Rabanne 1 million for $39 Pleaseeee!!

  • I just reported it to ACCC website. I suggest everyone to do the same! What a joke ! I still havnt recieved item three months later and they delete any negative comments on facebook within minutes !

  • DON’T BUY from this website.
    My wife placed an order on 02/07/2014 and still have not received the order
    I have been emailing them back and forth for more than 15 times but the respond is too long and you need keep emailing them.
    They do not contact you back, only promises given.
    Asking for a refund but there is no response.
    There is no contact number that we can call.
    Very frustated and still waiting for reply.
    This company is NOTHING but a LIAR.

  • Hi,

    Will any one please tell me who to complain about this website in Australia?? I have ordered something 3 months ago. Until 2 months it did not arrive and when I asked them they gave me some fake tracking number. They have blocked me on Facebook and deleted my comments and on their website too. This really made me angry… How can we stop other people so they cant be fooled. Any Govt body we can tell to take action against them. Like everyone I do online shopping a lot but never had such problem except this Chinese crap.

  • Got my headphones today, took just over 6 weeks ,

  • I ordered from them after all their lies my goods never arrived, after 16 weeks I got the office of consumer affairs in volved and got my money back with in the week. Be aware of this company. As an Australian Compamy get consumer affairs, fair trading, paypal and your credit card company know that this company is untrustworthy.

  • Whilst reading everyone’s comments I am happy to say that I will not be going ahead and purchasing anything from these thieving arseholes.
    I was about to purchase glasses and perfume.
    I’d rather save my breath.
    Hope these people get shut down, treating customers like this.

  • Do not waste your hard earn money on this company. Horrible customer servic and probably the worst. Ordered few perfumes and never got a proper tax invoice or statement. Never answer your questions directly. Give you lame excuses. Asked to cancel my order and never replied back. Lodged the dispute through PayPal and credit card company. If they don’t refund my money .. I will take this to consumers affairs.

  • It is not WE ALL SAVE it is WE ALL FAKE !!!!

  • I have also had major difficulties with “We All Save.” I placed an order on 17th July 2014 and today is 21st September 2014 and I have received nothing. I have been contacting them regularly since 1st August 2014 re my order and they keep telling me there is a delay. I have tried to contact them via email but they dont reply, so I was contacting them via there Facebook Page until they blocked me tonight from sending anymore requests for my items! I think we all need to band together here and repeatedly contact them, share thier appalling reputation via Facebook Statuses, and (like me) contact Consumer Affairs/ACCC/Police as “We All Save” are engaging in fraudulent activity. Either that or we attend thier Melbourne Warehouse and demand our money be returned! I will also be telephoning them and the owner JARRAD DALE tomorrow!

  • Berry Cherry is right. We all need to band together and fight this before more people are ripped off. We need to let our banks know if we paid by credit card, let paypal know if paid through them. Make a complaint to the ACCC. And just keep searching for answers!! If we all fight for this then surely they will need yo provide refunds and explanations and hopefully the site will get shut down. The more people who report them the more chance this fraudulent operation will be caught.

  • It has been a couple of weeks now since i went to the we all save factory demanding answers. Took a print out of screenshots saying that my orderwas marked as ‘thanks for your order’ it had been over 6 weeks since i had made the order and i had heard nothing. Told them i wanted my money back. They took my paper work and said it wasnt right that i hadnt heard or recieved anything. Said they would email me that day telling me whether my goods were comimg or i was getting a refund. Checked the status of my order while my boyfriend and i waited there and said he would get back to me. Have heard nothing (doesnt suprise me) so going back tomorrow to hunt them down for the 3rd time 🙁

  • Oh, and while i was at their ‘warehouse i asked the guy why it was that there was so many people on here on the net unhappy with their lack of service. They said that they sometimes had delays waiting for their suppliers to supply the goods (yeah, blame someone else). They then went on to say that people posting negative feedback about their business was ‘making things alot harder’
    will let you guys know how i go later today…

    Same story as everyone else. Ordered perfume July 21 and nothing has arrived. Have received same reply regarding delay because they have more orders than they can cope with…ergo, a nice little $$$$$ stash in the bank.
    My comments have also been deleted from their FB a/c and I’ve been blocked.
    Can’t get refund from PayPal, it’s been over 45 days.
    Have reported them to ACCC

  • Went to their factory at Cheltenham today. As soon as i entered with my boyfriend i stated that i had made an order, went there to the factory 2 weeks ago, was promised a solution, had heard nothing. I demanded my money back then and there. While i was distracted by the guy in the foyer who was asking my details, my boyfriend saw the guy who had promised he would deal with my order when i went to the factory two weeks ago. He made a phonecall out the back- supposedly to the owner of We All Save who wasnt on site at the factory. He said ‘we cant keep operating like this! People come to my door and they dont leave! We need to do something about this!’ They eventually did the bank transfer then and there and gave me printed proof. I said ‘so whats the deal, why are so many people not getting what they ordered?’ I was told ‘we order our purfumes in bulk overseas and customs have delayed the shipment as they are inspecting them for tax purposes’….. i dont know what to make of this excuse. It is all just a scam 🙁

    • Can you give me the correct address of their warehouse pls? I have the same problem, ordered 3 items paid $103. Faulty watch came after 8 weeks, the Ck briefs ( not genuine) after 10 weeks and still waiting for the perfume. I emailed them several times and demanding for the refund of my money but no luck, they just emailed me that its on the way and awaiting customs to clear, etc…

  • 9 weeks still waiting for items. Support are looking into it. Not holding out much hope of getting a refund. Why are still allowed to advertise on Facebook

  • Same problem, ordered perfume on 30 July and still nothing. Two emails and two different replies, all very suspicious.

  • Found this tips on how to NOT get ripped off by online store, from this same site, worth reading http://reviewme.reviewwwer.com/prevent-online-store-fraud/

  • I too have been scammed by these people. My sunglasses arrived but not my perfume!! Unfortunately ,because I signed for half my order PAYPA L wants a stat dec to say I did not receive all my order!! They are suggesting that I am the fraud!lol. The first order I placed on 16 july never came and because I wanted after 6 weeks could not clai from PAYPAL. Not even paypal is safe people. Don’t touch this disgusting site . Another form of domestic terrorism perhaps?

    • I agree there is so much bad reviews out there just wished I did my homework before hand. That is exactly why they say your orders take 6 weeks so you cant claim from PAYPAL Disgusting.

  • Yep DO NOT order from these guys they are rip offs you don’t get your products and you don’t get return emails.

  • Wish I had read these reviews before I gave them my money,
    12 weeks and still waiting, asked for refund, they said we do refunds. told them under Australian law they must……. never back from them., such extreme poor service, now have consumer affairs are on to them…… wish a current affair show would expose them ,,,,,,,,

    • This site should be exposed on A Current Affair on 23/10/14, according to what A Current Affair told me over the phone today. It will only be postponed if there is another really big story on.

  • WARNING… don’t buy from this company. They are thieves, will take your money and you most likely won’t receive your items. I haven’t and when you try to contact them they won’t reply. Will delete your negative post from Facebook and then block you.
    I have contacted consumer affairs and reported them to Facebook. I’m trying to get my money back from PayPal.

  • I am in the same boat as everyone I ordered my perfumes in June and after thousands of chase ups, reporting to ACCC, been given two different types of tracking numbers I sent several demands for refunds. I just kept hounding them. They also removed my access to their facebook – tried taking down the comments page from my account section so I couldn’t see what I had written and been told by them. I demanded it be put back on my account page – apparently a “computer glitch”. I kept at them and contacted “Don” and finally after 4 months I have received the refund for the perfumes. NEVER USE THEM – WE DO NOT CURRENT AFFAIRS TO INVESTIGATE THEM.

  • I have too have ordered item and paid via paypal last 3/8/2014. Until now I have not received my order. When I chase up the item many times for the past 2 months, I only receive replies such as , the items are on its way but as it is less than $50 we do not have a tracking number. I have sent a formal complaint letter to them but reply still the same. Will be sending a formal complaint to the VTAC and Ombudsman by end of this week if I do not receive the goods.

  • I ordered the pack of 10 pairs of CK undies for my son at least 10 weks ago. No sign of them yet!

  • I ordered the CK underwear and 3 bottles if perfume on 22nd July. I received the underwear last week but still no perfume. The underwear came with no packaging or tags. My boyfriend wears size 34 so I ordered size L according to the chart and the ones I got say L but are TINY!!! I’ve received emails saying the rest of the order is on the way but the whole thing is bogus. I’m not even going to bother trying to return the underwear.

  • Still waiting for Polo leather shoulder bag and a watch ordered 6 weeks ago. Sent an email asking when can expect deliver, got a reply need to wait 6 weeks. After reading all these posts I won’t hold my breath. I have ssent ACA an email to investigate them. It’s not the money as both purchase were small, but how many other? Will wait and see. Good luck to you all, will warn others on my fb to not go there ☺

  • Worst product ever!!!!!!
    wait for 2 months……………….after contacting product on the ways replied…………product are worst in quality……..

    Plz before u buy think 100 times…..


  • I’ve kissed good bye my $50.00. I am angry with myself for not researching the company first, but more upset with PayPal. They believed them rather than me. They should have so many complaints by now that they should shut down their accounts and automatically refund our money.

  • SOME GOOD NEWS: I am still waiting for my order (3 months) but got an email from PayPal yesterday saying they are extending their claim period from 45 days to 180 days beginning 18th November!!! Looks like I may get my money back after all!!!!!!! I hope everyone else that paid through PayPal does too :). We All Save won’t know what hit them, haha!!!

  • FAKE FAKE FAKE!! After waiting 3 months my perfume finally showed up and it is 100% FAKE!!! DO NOT BUY!!!!!!

    What a major coincidence… After emailing We All Save on 15th October regarding PayPal’s extended claim terms, my perfume was sent literally 3 hours after the email was sent. I recieved it today and to no surprise it is 100% fake! Stinks like cat wee. I only hope that I can still get my money back from PayPal as the goods are definitely not as described!!!

  • Got return contacted by A Current Affair relating to this matter. Finally this story will air, most likely on thursday 23rd october. If you want to be involved in the story i suggest you contact A Current Affair asap. This will be investigated tomorrow. Hope it’s a nasty shock for those fraudsters at weallsave.

  • I ordered 2 perfume in july. Still waiting on delivery…. Only got suss when I left negative comments on fb which were then deleted and now I’ve been blocked from their page.
    Have emailed twice with no response. Seems like a fake tracking number too. From other comments It dosent look like pay pal will .come through with a refund either
    I will contact ACA.

  • Very shonky business .. removing all negative or unfavourable comments almost immediately blocking the authors from Facebook .. Customers are waiting for months for delivery with no explanation whatsoever … I was waiting 3 months for my order, was advised few times the order is on the way (by email) In fact I eventually received the order which was only shipped few days earlier after 2.5 months of order. Am not sure if the stuff I received is fake or real Mccoy but I guess its not really important because I gave up on that order anyway. There is no customer service, Melbourne phone number has recording on it, all goods are despatched from China. Business is not registered in Australia, was looking high and low to find ABN with not much success. And without ABN it is hardly possible to make any complaint to anyone … So before you consider dealing with them, be aware …

  • your time is up you have just been on current affair fraudster hope you get your just deserts

  • Day after being on ACA received 3 of the 5 perfumes I had ordered months ago. And guess what THEY are fake!!! The perfume is watery, like a body mist, no projection at all. Was not worth the wait. Thankfully they have been exposed on tv.


  • I ordered goods worth $170 on the 31st august and have not received anything. After 8 weeks and constant emails to them asking the whereabouts of my order, they advised they had no way of tracking the order so I asked for a refund. Well no refund I’m sight and their support team have ignored all my emails. Have gone to Facebook and well well, they’ve blocked all my comments!! This site is an absolute disgrace and I am determined to bring it down out of principle! Even if I get no money back, I’m not going to stop until this site is shit down once and for all. If everyone can share the we all save Facebook page to friends to advise them of the page and keep on sharing! If we can’t get the page down than at the very least let’s stop other people placing any more dodgy and fake orders!!

  • This is a fake website, after waiting for 3 months i have complained to the fair trading and with in 2 days after the complaint my money was refunded as fair trading people contacted them directly.

  • I ordered and payed for two bottles of perfume from WE ALL SAVE on the 30th August among some other items which I have received only in the past two weeks that ended up being cheap and nasty. I have now been for the perfumes for over 9 weeks which is not acceptable when they state goods will be delivered between 4-6 weeks!!!!
    I have sent two emails and received no response back and I have just sent a third demanding a refund or I will be taking legal action! I have never had any trouble with any online store before this so called company! I will be making sure I spread the word not to use them!!!

  • complete crooks. companies like this should be shutdown and prosecuted.
    order #97033
    not delivered. no contact from shop.

  • Ordered Items over 7 weeks ago, have send 4 emails with NO reply. Have also tryed to cancel my order. Advised my bank and also eway, the people I payed through. WE ALL SAVE IS A COMPLETE SCAM. THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO BE STOPPED.

  • Hi, my name is Ananya Panmee
    I did order boss underwear $39 only, 3 men polo techert, 2 women polo techert. All total =$228.75 paid on 22/10/14 by visa card. I did not receipt the product or anything from you. Could you please send me my order or let me know what’s going on thanks

  • Calvin Klein Women’s 10 Pack
    Subtotal: $29.00 AUD
    Shipping: $8.95 AUD
    Grand Total: $37.95 AUD

    Ordered and paid Since 16 Aug 2014 … Have not seen anythings come and got no reply from e-mail.

    What’s wrong with you guys!! I paid you by my honest money and I don’t want to do any blame to you. However, you have no enough responsibility to taking care of your business and I don’t think you are going good anymore.

    Give me my honestly money back. I do not want any of your products.

    Best wished.

  • Fruad … i ordered my stuff in Sep and still waiting.i sent a msg from fb and they advised me it will take 12 to 14 days.Now they have completly blocked me from fb.
    pls do not purchase any items..
    Let God deal with them !!

  • Their Fruad
    i ordered my stuff in Sep and still waiting.i sent a msg from fb and they advised me it will take 12 to 14 days.Now they have completly blocked me from fb.
    pls do not purchase any items..
    Let God deal with them

  • Wellallsave is a SCAM SCAM SCAM
    Like so many others paid for item and have not recieved.

    They are still trading..
    Contact consumer affairs


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