About: Started in 1905 selling fabrics, now is one of the 5 big supermarkets in Mexico. Their growth was slow, but now is one of the top supermarkets in Mexico. Subscriptions are for free.



+ Rewards in every purchase to a Store credit card.

+ If you are lucky to bump into few good employees, you will get all that you ordered with great quality and punctuality in your door.



– Employees don’t look happy in the company, and that reflects into customer service, dirty stores, misordered things.

– Usually orders shipped to your home will arrive without some stuff you ordered, changed products, products about to expire, etc. (there are exceptions, depending who fulfills your order)

-Search in online store has improved a lot, it is fast and you usually find 90% of what you are looking for, but there is a problematic 10% that even if the product is listed, you cannot find it with the keywords you might know. Real store friendlyness varies a lot, most stores are dirty and misordered, but they are few premium stores that are clean and ordered, but are much more expensive.

Conclusion: Serves the purpose of ordering your supermarket cart to your home, or for pickup in store, but need a lot of improvement in navigation, functionality and making us customers feel good during the use of the store. It is always better when you go to the real store and shop because you will get all your products as you want it, but if your time is limited, in 20 minutes you can order online and you will get it in your home, no buzz no fuzz, just expect errors in your order. Real store shopping experience is as frustrating as the webpage, stores are not clean and ordered, prices are not low, and in general is a bad customer experience, which probably reflects a lot of problems in corporate offices with management.





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Last edition: March 27, 2014


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