Netflix The Two Popes Review


From a realistic and/or Catholic point of view it is inaccurate, it is a made up story from 2 characters that really exist, so if you are going to base your faith or even support your believes by watching this and adding it to your “real life” mental archive, you can also do it with Harry Potters and Star Wars stories. It is like taking two people that really exist: your father and grandfather, and me writing a story about them, mixing things from your life but really making up a good story to make viewers see it, or if I have negative feelings towards you, even harm your reputation by making things up in there, just like the Catholic Church that it is always attacked, just because it promotes you to treat others with love, just like you would like to be treated by them.

The author in the movie in Netflix posts the warning “Inspired in true events” so yes, it can be 1% real, and 99% made up, so beware watching this, is just science fiction.

Hope this movie advertises the Catholic Church to make more people come close to it, learn Jesus Christ ways: to love God above anything else, and love others as if they were ourselves.

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