Captain America Shield – Falcon/Sam Wilson Shield Purchase Review

Conclusion: Very disappointed, I expected more. Probably it is a good shield compared to other plastic ones or others that in design is not as similar as filming the movies, but it still has a lot of flaws.

+ The shield came with a large scratch right on the front, very visible
+ The black circle detail on the silver front part is made with a sharpie permanent marker and it looks horrible
+ The disk is attached to the back holder with gray industrial double face tape that is visible!
+ The straps are of the cheapest leather that already came cracked and broken and there are no adjustments to the strap, they come in a fixed huge size like for arms the size of the Hulk.
+ Because of these things, a felt a huge, huge disappointment.

+ The metal finish looks great.
+ The back of the disk of the shield is rounded, not flat like others.

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