Alibaba group started in 1999 in China, and has expanded worlwide today, to a large corporation with thousands of employees. They specialize to ecommerce and online stores. The suscription is for free


+ All the functions you want on an online store, from search, filters, suggestions, great navigation.

+ Products made in China are cheap (finding the great quality and cheap is always a challenge, but there are many).
+ No confusing information, great information gives you right expectations about delivery times of items.

+ You have thousands of suppliers to try and may be find some favorites, and stablish a good supplier-customer relationship.

+User friendly: good fast product search, easy looking, easy reading thru products.  Product reviews and seller reviews helpful to decide. Overall easy to use, probably the best experience post-order when you check your order status and are checking how your order is, message the supplier, or request a refund if they delay too much in sending the merchandise or any other reason.



– Sometimes confusing that in your cart you see all divided by seller, gives you kind of extra effort to be checking each of the suppliers rules, purchasing options, etc, when you purchase an order from many sellers.

– You have to sign in daily as a customer, no session saving for days like for example, Amazon.

– Banner at top of the page, very annoying, cannot close it.

– If you leave across the continent of China, your products will last about 60 days to get to you, check the delivery dates info, is accurate.


Great online store experience, you should try it yourself, it has all the info you need about products, reviews, suggested products, bestsellers, etc. Ordering is easy, secure and if any problem, almost every product has a return policy, you can cancel or refund almost at any time and you get all your money back. You should now aliexpress is an intermediary between you and the real seller, whom are thousands and most are Chinese or Asian.





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Last edition: March 14, 2014

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