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Launched at 2008, it is conservative with new features, only adding few required features thruout the years, always thinking in ease of use. It is free with any gmail account you have or google apps paid account (will link to your email address with google to keep history of your purchases)



+ Greates low price, best value mobile phones, tablets, netbooks and laptops on the market today.

+ Great shipping, delivery, support, guarantees in the market.

+ All linked and available with your gmail or google apps account, for example buy a song or movie and you will have it in your tablet, phone and computers.

+User friendly: very simple to use by any user, you can’t go wrong. Navigation thruout the content can be improved very easily so you don’t get lost during navigation, still to be improved by Google Play. Order history can be improved or merged, information is kind of dispersed and not easy to find.



– Limited depending on the country you live in, in just a 3% of countries you can buy all services: devices, books, movies, music, etc.

– Limited in features, no recommendations, no reviews or extra content. It should be growing in the near future.


If you are already an Android / Gmail user, you should be using it! If not, you should try it. Easiest to use online store I’ve ever used, it is dumb-proof and will take your hand and walk you through, avoiding any possible mistake, and you will find only the top quality hardware that Google sells, Apps for your browser and Android devices, plus many artistic content (movies, books, music..).



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Last edition: March 9, 2014

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