About: A 1997 company with a slow initial growth, until thanks to advertising it grew into the biggest domain registrar nowadays. It is free to sign in, but they will overuse every oportunity they have to sell you something else.



+ If you would like to register a domain for 99 years and forget about it, you don’t need 100% reliability, and you are smart to reject all the “extras” they offer you, you would probably be ok with them.

+ They will not run away with your money, so if you purchase something, they will give it to you.




– Ads, communication, is too sexual, for years and years, I’m just afraid when this is coming back with them. Lots of this content online. The new CEO probably took everything off buy now, but why take the risk.

– Even if you are signing in for them for a simple domain, they will annoy you trying to sell you extras, or the hole package. Everytime, when changing something, login in, renewing domain, etc. very annoying.

– Have had major downtimes in the past, affecting millions of domains to work, due to poor systems.

– You don’t want to see a picture of the founder, not even once, which he had all over his site godaddy.com, or you will want to run in circles and fall into an abyss. The new CEO probably already removed them, but, why take the risk.

– Danica Patrick.

– They will put you ads.

– Support attitude, not very good.

-Not user friendly, you get desperate to find stuff as basic as your domains, or support information and they have several menus changing at several sections, and keep moving things from different places, makes navigation one of the most confusing navigation systems I’ve ever used.


Conclusion: Unless you are forced somehow to use this supplier, don’t use it, if you can choose, I would recommend you to choose something else. All their objective is to allure new customers with sex related ads, but give current customers a horrific experience.





Other domains used by website: bluelithium.com, convertro.com, doubleclick.net, googleads.g.doubleclick.net, www.facebook.com, gui.godaddy.com, img.godaddy.com,www.godaddy.com, google.docm, accounts.google.com, talkgadget.google.com,www.google.com, sales.liveperson.net, optimizely.com, rlcdn.com, idsync.rlcdn.com, yahoo.com, ads.yahoo.com, youtube.com, accounts.youtube.com, www.youtube.com

Last edition: March 18, 2014

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