Have you tried using uberEats? I think it’s a really good service, because it gives you the opportunity to buy food from places that don’t usually have home delivery. The first time I used it, it took almost an hour for the food to arrive because the driver was lost and couldn’t figure out how to get where we were.. (I honestly thought he was somewhere eating my food and was prepared to complain). But half an hour later I received an email from Uber along the lines of “we noticed your food took too long to arrive. We are sorry– have a discount”. So all in all, I just had bad luck the first time, but my experience has been quite wonderful since that day. The fee isn’t high, and the choices are great. The only complain I may have is the presentation of the food. I suspect that since the creation of uberEats some establishments prepare everything before-hand and then just hand it over to the uber driver whenever something is ordered, because I asked for a BBQ chicken sandwich and I received the bread, the chicken, and the BBQ sauce all in different containers and had to prepare it myself–which is not a big deal, but I was startled, lol.

All in all, good service.

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