Nissan Versa 2015


City car, great value for the money in comparison with other car deals, it has good technology, good 6 year guarantee.

+ Great technology: ignite button, cruise control, stereo controls on steering wheel, bluetooth stereo to your smartphone playlist, handsfree via bluetooth (works perfectly on Android smartphone), has airbags.
+ Gasoline efficient: Uses little gasoline, a $25 dollars or $450 mexican pesos) tank will last 400 kms on a city average use.
+ Comfortable: Regular fabric seats (not leather) are very comfortable.
+ Spacious: It doesn’t look spacious when you look at it, but using it it is very spacious for passengers on the back seat, and great unexpected trunk space. Will fit all family needs.
+ Perfect for the city: To go slow, driving around the city, the car is perfect, will fit all your needs with great comfort and security.

– Engine power: It is not a race car, if you like to race you will hate it, it will take you from point A to point B with safety, comfort and reliability, but you won’t win the race, if you are on a  steep road, you will go either slow or at 4500 – 5000 RPM. I suggest you to use the O/D off for steep climbs or falls (overdrive, you will ride with higher RPM)
– High speeds: You can go with comfort and reliability up to 130kms/hr (80miles per hour), if you want more you will push the car to what it is not designed for.
– Highway: Talking about highspeeds on the highway, you will find the car somewhat uncomfortable on the driving, the car will drive side to side (air moves it), you will need to microadjust the steering wheel every second on this car almost like driving a gocart, probably because it is light weighted and the wheels are so thin, but there are many other more expensive cars that will go more comfortably on highways. If you go at highspeeds and on highways several times a week, this car is not for you, but a more heavy, expensive car like a Chevrolet Malibu, Honda Accord or Nissan Altima.


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  • I agree with the review, great city car, good for going on, I would add it runs quietly, without big noises, at least under 3000 RPM, almost seems electric.


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