Google New Messenger App ALLO

  THE GOOD Google Allo is available on both Android and iOS, and features a digital Assistant that fetches information for you in a conversational way. Its Incognito Mode erases conversations and has end-to-end encryption. THE BAD Allo doesn’t integrate video calling, and it doesn’t have as many features as its competitors, like baked-in GIF support or control over read receipts. Does the world needs another instant messaging application, Google said yes! It seems that for Google creators were not enough

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Castelec SAI


 Castelec SAI Sistema Administrativo Integral es una empresa que nace en 1991. Castelec tiene el sistema SAI el cual es usado por empresas de servicios, manufactura y proyectos en todo México. Tiene implementaciones exitosas en todos los estados del país, sucursales en Monterrey, México DF y Guadalajara así como representantes en Puebla y Mérida, Yucatán, pudiendo así dar servicio del SAI Sistema Administrativo Integral a todo el país con soporte remoto y presencial. Castelec SAI se compromete a dar un

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 ** UPDATE ** Company has improved, in great measure because government imposed obligations, restrictions and sanctions in order to protect the customer in Mexico, so now you can get an affordable plan with Telcel from $199 pesos a month including more than a normal person would use in data and phone calls, and if you travel to the USA you can activate with only $149 pesos a 200MB data plan, pretty affordable to how it was. Also, you can cancel

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