Since around  1996, you can find new consumer products of almost any kind for home and office: batteries, computers, sports equipment, gadgets, etc. It has had presence in many countries and shipping to almost anywhere (with some restrictions and high shipping costs). 



You should have clear that Amazon is an intermediary for most products (some are from seller “Amazon”), but other suppliers publish and offer their products through Amazon’s platform too. The good thing is these suppliers will do anything to keep you happy so they can conserve their products being sold in Amazon.                                              


Some PROS for shopping trough                                                                                                                                                                              Amazon is considered the best in the market for online shopping given its fast navigation, plus it’s user-friendly with a good search that will show you your best options first, although it’s kind of unfair for new products and suppliers that will be punished in search results. Besides, it has good payment options and 24/7 support if any problem with your billing from nice people. And it shows reviews and suggestions based on your searches and purchases from what other users purchased.  Reviews are VERY helpful when you are selecting something. Read some other users experiences so you can be sure if the product fil fulfill your needs.

Amazon is a suscription free plataform, but there’s an optional alternative called Prime membership, which is USD$100 dollars a year and,will give you access to thousands of movies and tv programs, but you’ll have to pay an extra cost per rent or purchase most of the recent ones.


Some cons:

It is a little bit more expensive in most of the things, about 10% higger from the cheapest place you can get it.

If you live outside the USA, you will not be able to use all prime membership benefits, movies and tv series are restricted. Also, prime membership gives you free 2-day shipping in many products marked with “prime” logo, again only if you ship into the USA. And shipping to other countries other than the USA is expensive.


In conclusion, you should visit and try it because it’s the best for online shopping. Read some reviews before purchasing and you will be happy with this online store. Here are some other domains used by this website:,,

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