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Founded on 2005 has had an initial slow growth, but now is a robust provider. The current platform they use is well tested and now offers a great purchasing experience, yet again, of cheap china products, so just be aware of what you are buying will serve its purpose. The suscription to this is for free.




+ Cheap gadgets you can find for many specific purposes.

+ Free shipping (careful, using china postal service, which will delay your shipment for about 2 months and that if you actually recieve it).

+ If your article never shows up in your address in about 2-3 months, you will surely get your refund back… as store credit, so you will need to try it again!

+ If you pay for the aprox. USD$25 shipping, it is amost certain you will recieve your goods in a month, so I would recommend this if you find a group of things you want.

+ There is documentation and live support available to help you anytime, site is NOT a hoax or fraud, they are a real cool gadget store online.

+User friendly: great store, you will find all that we shoppers love, recommended products, reviews from other users, good order status checks. Product search is good and fast.



– This ara made in china gadgets, be aware that quality might not be as high as you expect.

– You will get sick if you expect the goods to arrive early, you will not see them in less than 30 days and that wait can prolongue up to 3 months, so grow some patience if you order here. Even if you are in Asia, free shipping is thru government mail company, so it might be delayed or stolen (good that DX will cover and wil refund you with store credit if anything happens)

-They have thousands of products, so it is kind of frustrating not being able to see them all and current filters (date added, price, popularity…) are really not helpful to find or browse all.


Great gadget store, you should try it out, you will surely find cool stuff being sent directly to your home from Asia, so expect cheap construction in many of the stuff, but that nevertheless fulfill the need for that gadget. Serious store, serious service. They don’t sell anything you need for living, just things you would WANT or CRAVE as a avid consumer.




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Last edition: February 27, 2014

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